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Hello there, I have an interesting idea to make a huge and simple change to Runescape.
My idea is called tier 2 skills, what this means is that you'll have a harder tier 2 skill to train and level beyond what our tier 1 skills are. An in game example would be an elite skill but with this system its makes the game more interesting.

Example would be our combat skills, so the skill Mining is a tier 1 skill. now the tier 2 version of this skill which would start at level 1 like all other skills do. This skill could be called Sea Mining, this tier 2 version of mining would have lower exp and higher exp from level to level and be much more challenging to train. This skill would have huge rewards but a large amount of time to level to 99. This of course is an example but it would allow more resources in the game and help the game age much better.

Example of a Combat skill as a tier 2 would be Summoning, the tier 2 version of summoning could be the Shapeshifting skill, it would make combat more diverse and add more challenges and content.

If you want I could make tier 2 skills for all the skill in Runescape minus Dungeoneering and Invention. Let me know what you guys think, it would be really interesting to see new skills that are added on but are more challenging to level.

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