Luminite Injector Rework

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Since most of us think (Atleast the 75% of who I've talked too) believe that the Luminite Injector is worthless Bring back Portable Forges (Make it so that the ore box don't work on them and that it doesn't hold ore so the Artisan Forge is still the main focus Point no double bars either maybe exp up to you guys) and Make the Injector Craftable lets say for Example:

25 Luminite Ore
25 Rune Ore
= Empty Luminite Injector
100 Luminite Ore
= Full Luminite Injector

You can make the amount to make the Injector what you guys seem suitable.
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16-Jan-2019 23:53:07

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Sounds way too easy to make compared to needing 100% respect in Artisan's Workshop.
None of the other portables can be made, so why should this one be?
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

20-Mar-2019 21:44:24

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