New Elite Skill- Necromancy

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Requirements: 70 Runecrafting 70 Summoning and 70 Slayer

Ok so this skill will see you creating binding stones out of Rune Essences, and as you slay monsters these stones will fill up with the souls of monsters which can be used to summon them later to help you in combat. Filled binding stones fit in the pocket slot, and work like the Mask of Sliske, except the binding stones have a charge on them using a charge each time the soul is used, and once the charge runs out the binding stone turns to dust, giving you a burst of Necromancy xp. Higher Necromancy skills will fill your binding stones with more charges.

Pros: Increase the price of Rune Essences, Will make Runecrafting a more desirable skill to train , will create a new options for the pocket slot, Will bring players back to slayer creatures that we previously less desirable

Cons: Increase the Power creep in the game, Will force Higher level players to fight low level creatures early in the skills release.

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