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I'm a returning player to R3, but no game log will lure me to stay.

I think most players like to have some monsters who drop novel things; sometimes surprise us; and certainly give those of different levels reason to play.

I'm a relatively high level but just a cape is not enough to play here. Jagex seems to have designed the game around bossing--and I certainly don't want to spend half my time getting read to risk my bank on a regular basis. That's just me.

No other "in-between" places or even lower places from my browsing. I wanted easier tasks to start out but the drops stink--too much actual junk and not enough variety.

I've tried many places and the game is just numbing.

I've very recently begun playing RS again after a few years. Today during game play, a message appeared on my screen (not in box) from someone asking me a question as if to sell me or give me something.

Here is the name used: JagELTdPAU.

21-Mar-2019 12:22:09

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