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Why doesn't Jagex create an inbox/ingame email system whereby you can contact your friends and leave a message when they are offline. And when they login they can read the msgs left to them??? This would only be through your friends list people so as not to be flooded with scammers/spammers etc. BTW I have been playing this game since March 2005

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Forum Tyler

Forum Tyler

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I actually disagree with Coggles in that I think it would be nice to be able to send E-mails (I imagine they'd be implemented as 'letter's or 'telegrams' to keep in with the theme of the game). As someone that does not play RuneScape too often, it'd be a nice way to keep in touch with some folks.

You could easily eliminate spamming by making it only allowable to send messages to friends.

I see OP has been playing since 2005... not to compare measurements, but I have been playing since 2004 :) . When you've played this long you definitely can get to appreciate how such a system would be useful! One thing that comes to mind beyond keeping in touch with people is sending out group messages for clan members.
Long retired from this game, to any of my old friends - I hope you are doing well :) .

14-Jan-2019 04:40:49

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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They have this in Elder Scrolls Online and the amount of bots spamming you with adverts to sell you gold for real money is daunting.
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I greatly disagree with everyone saying that this is a bad idea.

Guild Wars 2 has a great mailing personal mailing system without any spamming from third party companies or scammers.

There are many ways to avoid this system being abused. For example, only firends could send mails to each other, making spammers and scammers unable to contact you via mail. Also limiting every player to only send a maximum of 10 mails per hour.

I would love to see this feature implemented in the game.
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I too love this idea. As leader of a clan sometimes be nice to leave messages to my key
ranks that play diff hours than i do.

I do have ways to contact them off game but still would be a lovely feature.

I always imagine a little imp bringing you the telegrams or messages however
you think it would be called. No idea why i think of imps doing it but its
something ive thought about long time.
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Just make a forum thread to message your friend when offline, if you want it so badly.
Or you could use Twitter, you could use DM if you don't want everyone to see your messages.

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Mrs Ana

Mrs Ana

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This would indeed be essential, but somehow, it hasn't been implemented. Meanwhile, users have to go to Twitter, Discord and any other Social Media platform to communicate amongst them. In a way, this method is helpful because you don't have to be online to speak to them. • Ana •

14-Jan-2019 19:51:07

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I always used to think this would be a helpful feature, especially for reaching out to those who had gone inactive, provided it honoured privacy settings in the same way that private message does.

But it's also an awful lot of bloat for the game and as it's now possible to share emails and forum addresses in-game without the censor getting in the way, I'm not entirely sure it's necessary.

14-Jan-2019 20:06:32

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