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RuneScape is growing quite complex. In an attempt to keep this post short and simple:

Why is there not a chat players are invited (and encouraged) to join being a brand new account or a player returning from X amount of days?

Brand new players would highly enjoy some friendly adept players advice (other than check the wiki bud) as would some returning players. Things like how to start out, money making for new people, how to do certain skills, or more advance things like how to maximize dps.

The timeframe allowed in this special chat should be limited. More time for brand new players. Less time to pick back up for return players (based on X days offline).

Have read somewhere about a Player Moderator apprentice session periods, though I know absolutely nothing about it. I would imagine it to logically be a chat full of experienced Mods and brand new ones.

I can see people complaining about an extra / or a new tab to deal with. I also do feel the / to be quite large adding yet another. This could be a special chat you need to click into or the only chat to talk in using \. I totally understand adding more interfaces and menus as a bother but this would only affect people who need and want the help.

I also have thought of the chat limit. I guess that's a problem to be fixed if the idea comes across as a good business idea. Account created trolls and such. Maybe make the chat available after securing the account fully?

Regardless, I do feel this will improve the player base in general for RS3.
This would and should be player based and run. Volunteers, Mods, selected Teachers.. This is obviously a Jagex choice for who is allowed to run it.

Please post your thoughts on an attempt to Support the Community growth of the new and returning!

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