Proof legacy should be nerfed

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Stoic n Vain

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After watching your videos, I know what the problems are.

First of all, EOC is all about using abilities. After your first initiation with the opponent, you shouldn't be seeing any more auto attacks. I can see you doing too many auto attacks.
Auto attacks are weak in EOC and should mostly be avoided. You do this by always planning ahead by selecting your next ability to use.

I don't use mobile, but it looks like you are very limited with the amount of abilities you can use. You are becoming stuck because you have so few abilities, so when they go on cooldown, you don't have access to the ones that are off cooldown (which you should be using).

The other thing that has been mentioned: thresholds (and ultimates too).
You are fighting such weak npcs that you don't even reach 50% adrenaline to use thresholds, unless you do the adrenaline stall technique. You are only killing them with basic (weak) abilities.

EOC is not effective when using basic abilities alone. It takes time to learn how to efficiently DPS. It's a learning curve which probably would require a computer to really do effectively.

Try not to auto attack, use thresholds and ultimates, try using a computer where it allows you to use at least 12 abilities at a time.

You may be better off with legacy if you only have access to a phone.
I hope this has helped you. Good luck and have fun. :)
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Hex 0mega

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Unfortunately, that video is of no help to me right now because A: He is fighting a dummy with no set amount of HP, and B: I do not own a computer right now and I am on mobile. I have asked in the comments if he will make a guide for optimizing attacks in mobile, though. You say I don't know what I'm talking about but I have used the attacks that he has suggested and legacy is still incomparably faster and more powerful. Plus, a point I keep making that everyone keeps dancing around, thresholds and ultimates take time to cool, and therefore you are using attacks that do far less damage while waiting for those to recharge. While killing the lower level enemies such as the ones I had demonstrated in my videos, I could take down like 3 of the enemies quicker than I could using weaker manual attacks, so we'll see if this guy answers my request. "Crawling from hell
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I do legacy telos. I make a video series on it. I also do eoc telos, and I'm safe to say I'm one of the best legacy pvmers out there.
Legacy is trash. It's dps with fully maxed out gear with zgs special attacks tick perfect vulns along with switching grimoire and god books sweaty asf is on par with an average - shit pvmer.
Turn on revolution, and put these abilities in order

Wild magic, asphyxiate, firebreath, sonic blast, concentrated blast, impact and corruption blast.
It's better dps. I out of literally everybody would know this, both doing 4taa in eoc and the hardest legacy challenges.
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