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Give it time. The update just came out not even two weeks ago. Prices on every item are in constant change for now and won't likely stabilize for at least a month. I wouldn't be surprised if it took longer to truly stabilize.

Right now there are hundreds of people mining ore like crazy trying to make Masterwork armor, which devalues the price of all ore any time one of them decides to give up and just sell what they mined instead. Also plenty of people are just mining because the skill got changed so why not try it. In six months there won't even be 25% of the number there is right now mining.

Same with smithing. The Artisan's workshop has like 30+ people on almost every major world. That won't last. The smithable products are currently flooding the market because people are exploring the new skill and seeing what different stuff is worth. Given a bit of time there won't be anyone in the Artisan's workshop except on world 70 and the occasional max player making some Masterwork armor to recharge his Trimmed Masterwork armor.

The old bars are in the worst shape because their prices before were based on a completely different skill requirement. Rune bars would show the biggest change because they used to require a T85 ore and eight T30 ores. Now they just require two T50 ores. That's a huge difference. Not to mention the changes to smelting making it possible to pump out an easy 60 bars per minute using smelting gloves. That was unheard of prior to the rework.

16-Jan-2019 20:44:56

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