Tradable Araxxi Items

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This is just a random idea I had but I thought it might be useful for others. A lot of people get eye drops or even fang drops but they have 6 or more in the bank just gathering dust. I thought having a little shop that you could trade in your Araxxi's Eye to an NPC but you will roll to either get Araxxi's Fang, Web, or any of the leg parts. Make it so you can only roll once every other week. (ex. You can roll your Araxxi's Eye once bi-weekly to get a different Araxxi Item. )

20-Mar-2019 03:58:58

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Can't you disassemble them for some rare components or something? The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
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