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Could there be a color pallet adjustment to the heraldic, god, and trimmed armor sets? Recently I've been looking into fashionscape and I noticed heraldic, god, and trimmed armor sets are not as stand-out unique as they use to be before the armor update. Adding more of the trim/heraldic/god colors to these sets to make them more stand-out would go a long way for them being used more I think. These sets should have as much of their unique color pallets onto them as the elite black armor set does compare to the regular black armor set.

On a side note, the elite black armor set is nothing that it use to be. It use to be completely unique but now it is just like the black armor set except with some gold on it. I think the only way to revert this set to its original visual prestige would be to revert it to its retro look but improve the detail since it was an epic looking set that was purely unique. Or this could be added as a retro item in Solomon's store but that doesn't do the set justice imo.

I remember back in the day you could be in F2P worlds and there would be more color to sets than there are in P2P worlds now; adding dyes doesn't really help since they're expensive. I'm not saying they're a bad idea since they add a lot of prestige and I like that aspect about them but they don't add a lot of diversity into people since they're so rare.

Also because these sets get trashed most of the time there isn't many in the game and some heraldic sets can go for lots of money (I tried buying rune H4 helm for 8m and it is not buying) so it might be a nice economy stimulation for a mini clue scroll update.

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