Guthixian Shield Generator

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If you could kill things to train Divination, maybe some players would like that better than harvesting wisps, but make it skilling XP and not combat XP. But some players prefer not having risk and would continue to train the old way, so that should not be taken away.

Adding combat and possibly risk should not be faster XP though, just an alternative way to train.

If it was me I would add some things like cres automatons and have them give Divination XP and energy when killed. Maybe the automatons are carrying divination energy to a machine to charge it up, and killing them prevents the machine overloading and discharging energy. If too much charge builds up the machine discharges excess energy damaging the player character. The machine could be something leftover as a shield generator that used to protect Guthix while he slept.

Different automatons could be killed for different kinds of energy based on your Divination level.

Or maybe not kill them but knock them down sort of stunning them so they drop divination energy, then they get up after a minute and get more. Maybe using divination energy on the automatons different to what they are carrying increases XP gained and short circuits them longer, and gives a sink for Divination energy helping it maintain value. You would be able to tell which type of energy they were carrying because of a glow in different colors on their chest.

Maybe call the area Guthixian Shield Generator.

It would be discovered somewhere near the Legend's Guild, since it is near the other Guthix place there.

If the machine discharges, or if you decide to leave, your character is teleported out and you have to pay 100 Divination energy to re-enter. This is intended as a Divination energy sink. XP gained depends on how many automatons you stun and what level Divination energy they are carrying, which depends on your Divination level which automatons you can stun.

Any energy you gain you can keep and take with you when you leave.

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*bookmarks* I like this idea, and if I can think of any improvements I'll try to come back later to add them in as additional suggestions :-) Ooh, a light at the end of the tunnel...
...Do you think I should get off the tracks?

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I like it
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