Trimmed masterwork/slayer helm

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I second this suggestion. At the moment it is pointless to use tmw helmet during slayer assignments because of the accuracy and damage bonuses the slayer helmet gives. It only makes sense to allow combining the helmets so people can enjoy their T92 tmw helmet bonuses they worked so hard to obtain.

21-Jan-2019 01:00:19

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They could just release it as essence. Slayer essence like when trimming masterwork. Could stay t92 but be called “custom fitted trimmed mastwerwork helmet (s)”. It would function as a slayer helmet in all ways the mighty and corrupted slayer helmets do. Allowing furious teleports, task check, etc. I wanna wear the full set always. It’s slayer armor and looks sweet. Plus the added looks of the spikes on the slayer helmet would add a nice touch...

21-Jan-2019 01:05:32

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