Restart Started Quest Option!

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Restart a quest??? WHAT
But why you may ask?

I think having the ability to restart already started quests that you haven't made progress on in at least one month would be great update to a lot of players!

Sometime's we start a quest, get a little into it, and then either forget about the quest or end up taking a break from RuneScape.

Giving players the ability to restart the quest I think would motivate players to complete the already started quest, considering they probably forgot what they have already done in the quest, and can be unsure how to resume the quest they started let's say a month ago..

Comment your thoughts and feel free to add on to this idea/suggestion.
Or of course feel free to tell me your thoughts on why this wouldn't be a good update!

Happy Scaping!

10-Feb-2019 01:28:28

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