Accurate CB lvl W/O summon

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Ancient Zest

Ancient Zest

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I support this. summoning lvl is an active ability, it should only really be active where summoning is allowed or if you're using it/carrying summoning items. If you're in an area that has summoning disabled or if you're not carrying any summoning items then it doesn't make sense for it to raise your combat and force you to fight people with better combat stats than you.
Also with summoning it's not like you can summon a powerful familar on demand at any given time, the skill doesn't work that way.

I mean combat level is about how good you are in a fight. Summoning has no effect in a straight up boxing match and its only as powerful as what you summon. To which people can see the the familars combat level so it doesn't make sense for it to raise your combat.

Tl;DR I support, good idea.

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