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Chief Elf

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Never RIP said:
"If ya don't have something nice to say, don't say a thing."

This courteousy should be made a rule.

Perhaps it shouldn't be established as a rule persay in what the community understands is a rule and the implications of a rule, but it could be added into the Code of Conduct as a suggestion so perhaps something like..

"The best way to maintain good forum behaviour is to [insert quote]".

Never RIP said:

Ya can't "no support" a thread.

Personally, if I'm not into a thread I just leave it alone. I don't no support. Alternative suggestions are allowed. But "no support" posts should be hidden.

We'd effectively be restricting the liberty of communicating our opinion. A 'no support' could also be accompanied with constructive criticism or feedback, which extends the understanding of the topic. However, even then, it's not stipulated that there has to be reasoning behind a 'no support'. A 'no support' is sufficient enough for the OP to gage the sentiment of the community towards a particular topic.
Never RIP said:

I give it all of about 38 seconds before someone says "no support"... I don't care. Y'all never supported me anyway. I support myself.

This is why we should be allowed 'no support'. So that everyone has maximum liberty to communicate their opinions in a reasonable and respectful manner. Having this right means that you're allowed to create a thread like this and support yourself.
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