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Tuffty said:
You can do your own polls now by adding a Straw poll.

I don't see a need to add them on the forums. The number of people who would use them would be so small it's not worth it.

Also I could see it being abused. Example someone posts a thread saying you like my name Yes No. It would be a bad idea to have a built in poll system to the forums.

Sadly No Support.

My argument to your second statement is that having polls may not reduce the number of trolls. The chances of a troll asking "Do you like me name, Yes/No" is the same with or without a poll.

But one could argue that the poll feature might be like shiny objects to crows, it's a cool feature so they might be attracted to abuse it. Though I believe that this would not significantly impact the forums.

I actually do like the idea of having polls. It's easier to see the number of support and disagreements.

Southeaster said:
Yeah I don't see a point to this either.

Not because it isn't useful, but because there aren't enough players on the forums for it.

Actually, I can imagine it being very useful for forum-centric clans or events. For example, Town Square could ask "Should we wear pink on wednesdays?" and its easier to see the response from there instead of having to physically count the number of supports or opposition.


My opposing argument to this idea would be that it could prompt a lazy attitude on the RSOF. People might be more attracted to just looking at the numbers instead of actually visiting each argument. But then one would ask, "does Jagex look through every single post?"
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