Make RS safer from hijacking

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Hi, I've been hacked 2 times this last year. If you guys were to make it harder to disable two step authenticator, I'm sure that I wouldn't have gotten hacked those times. (This is how easy it is to shut off the authenticator as of now)

If somebody were to hijack your E-mail, they get acess to your runescape account aswell.
You guys can take that into your own hands by making a change (having a last line of defence in case the E-mail isn't safe enough)

Examples to solve the problem:

Make it possible to put a delay on the authenticator (like on the PIN for the bank in game) before the authenticator shuts off.

Make it so that you have to actually use the authenticator in order to disable it. (in case somebody becomes unable to access their authenticator, example number one can be combined with this one)

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