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I also like the older format. I want to be able to quote it. Not only that, but I find it unnecessary to have a thread with a link to another page here on the RuneScape website. If we were to discuss such an update, I can guarantee you that not everyone will follow what is being discussed because it isn't readily available on the same thread. Furthermore, not everyone is a fan of actually having to do extra work to access such information/details that could have been simply added to the OP in the first place.

All in all, it would be nice if we had the update on the thread where we can discuss it normally. It'd also allow us to have the content here on the Forums rather than on the website itself. This is simply alienating users from the Forums and that is the last thing we want here. We want users to come and stay here with us to form part of the community. We do not want to shoo them away.

I support this proposal.

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