Why you use RSOF over Reddit

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War tortoise said:
Tophurious said:
yeah the best and worst part of reddit is the downvoting. it's nice when someone who is consistently an asshole gets downvoted into oblivion. it's shitty when it happens to someone like flarefox who hasn't done anything to hurt anyone.

flarefox is measnt to be banned from reddit, sightwide, he has to make new accs constantly.

I'm pretty sure I've been seeing him use the same account to occasionally post on reddit for months now.
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19-Apr-2019 08:44:04

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Jeremy Cheng said:
@war tortoise

is being a multilogger rigging raffles really that big an offense to warrant permanent reddit shadowban? I mean you never see him around outside of the raffle.

it isn't that big of a deal because i still won my golden barrows every week of the raffle except the week i forgot to participate
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19-Apr-2019 12:11:13

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