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Tuffty said:
Get the tea and cookies I'll get here sooner.

There are times when the F-Mods have to sleep. Jagex have tried to cover all bases with F-Mods and from what I can see very few times were no F-Mods are here. It's usually covered well 99% of the time.
I think you mathed wrong. It's definatley not 99% of the time, that's for sure.

There's a reason why I specifically mentioned you. It's because I know for a fact that there is a dead spot in FH for a few hours, before you get up in the morning, and your morning routine generally involves clearing up the FH backlog that has gathered during those dead hours.

You do a good of it, and it's a regular routine for you.

But the whole reason that it's part of your morning routine is specifically because of the dead hours that there are no FH moderators checking reports.

This isn't the first time the FH dead hours have been brought up. This issue has been brought up numerous times over the last few years. The dead zone exists. Someone could literally spam the hell out of the forums for about 4 or 5 hours without any FH moderators to deal with the situation.

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4ev said:
you can't really expect VOLUNTEERS to go out of their way to fill those gaps
Not without a bribe, that's for sure.

4ev said:
Gaps are unavoidable.
Of course. It's silly to expect someone to be monitoring FH at all times. There are bound to be gaps. Sometimes it's 5 minutes, sometimes it's 5 hours.

But, there is a very distinct and specific period every single day where you almost guaranteed that no one will be reviewing FH for a few hours.

It's the same dead zone that has been there for years. It has been brought up many times for discussion.

The only real solution is to seek out community members who would make a good addition to the moderation team that are active during that period, and see if they can be recruited.

But, there haven't been any new fmod recruits for quite a few years.

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