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Tranq said:

As to Tuffty's comments that some posts are left for others that know more about that than others do. Let's say for instance their is a clan dispute on forum help. Let's say I see the report, I have experience with clans I used to run one for a time. I feel comfortable dealing with this post, so I do. Now lets review the same scenario where in this case I know nothing about clans, I don't trust my judgement that I'd know the best way to handle this situation, so I skip the report and move on to reports I do feel comfortable with. Waiting for a different F-mod who has the requisite experience on how best to proceed to deal with the situation. After it's been dealt with I can then return to see how it was dealt with.

Although I've always expected that because it's the most reasonable thing to do, it feels so comfortable to actually hear that.
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17-May-2019 14:38:22

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