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Mod Poerkie

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Hey there,

I think it is fine as it, we'll keep an eye out but for now there are no plans to change the order up and give the suggestions forum a more prominent place.
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01-Mar-2019 11:46:50

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Imo, people are always going to post in the more popular forum to get a response quicker. Yet, alot of times, this case in particular, they're one-off posts that complain, state they're hacked or banned, or other. Why would they care about posting in the wrong forum, tbh.

There's no real fix here. The RSOF are pretty long-gone as it is, anyways.
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01-Mar-2019 15:14:11

Chief Elf
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Archaeox said:
Apparently people aren't capable of finding the General or Game Content Suggestions forums after the last reorganisation, so lots of non-rants are being posted in the Rants forum instead.

Might we consider making the Suggestions forum (in particular) more prominent and easy to find?

What're your suggestions, Archaeox?

Also, slightly off topic, I've always admired the way you title your threads.
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