Deleting really old posts?

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Hello there, I was wondering if there was any way that forum posts could be automatically deleted?

I haven't really made much forum posts in a long time and back then I was pretty immature. Since I do not want this to come back and haunt me (even though I'm doing it now), I was curious if a forum mod could either automatically erase my presence here or I would have to do it myself.


27-Jun-2019 19:53:22



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Hey there,

I don't think they will do this. Posts are automatic being eaten once they come on page 51. So if there isn't posted on a thread, it will move down to page 51 and be gone.
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27-Jun-2019 20:07:26

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Sorry no can do. But all is not lost.

If you make good quality posts on threads you really like it will push off the forums old threads that you want to lose.

Other then that nothing can be done.

So enjoy the forums and happy posting.
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27-Jun-2019 20:16:26

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