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FiFi LaFeles said:
Actually, I was referring to the part which suggests Mods don't 'do their job properly' because they are related/connected to certain people on the forums.
Well I tried to find the part where this was mentioned, but I suppose I'm too sleepy to find it....

Regardless if that happens or not, it'll always happen anywhere you go, online or in real life. High position people will always play favouritism to people they get along with well or are friends with. Happened many times to me at my old job where the manager gave all the shifts to the female workers because he was hoping to gain something 'more' from them. It will happen anywhere and everywhere, there's no point trying to escape it. Just have to deal with it and move on with life.

Same happens on here - of course an FMod is not going to moderate their friends as harshly as someone they don't know. I know as a previous FMod friend has even done this for me. They've messaged me in-game prior to edit my post before they take action on everyone. I was also able to ask several ex-FMod friends to take action on things so that I didn't have to post on Forum Help (stuff like changing titles, moving threads, etc). Sadly I can't do this anymore.. While I'm not saying the entire FMod team is like this as I don't know any of them anymore, it's still highly likely that they're not going to want to annoy their friends by taking harsh action on them.
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