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Victoria Sol
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Victoria Sol

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(this is going to be a multi-parter)

Misfit Application

A little about you.....

Would you like to tell us a little about yourself?

Erh. I'll try? I'm bad at such things though. I tend to go into much detail. I'm 25 years old (to be 26 in less than a month), and actually female. I'm not even going to bother stating whether I'm openminded to advances or not since, as is actually stated in the Rules of RS, this is not a dating site anyway.

I have a bucketload of problems, amongst which depression, anxiety and narcolepsy. I also have an inferiority complex a mile wide. Anxiety might not even have been the right word, as it's more of a crippling self-doubt problem. Aside from this I also have Aspergers, but I don't consider myself to be 'suffering' from the latter. As you might have noticed already, I also have a blue streak.

Now that that's out of the way, on to my better characteristics. Which are… Quite a bit harder to name to be honest. But I think that’s more because of my negative mindset than actually lacking positive traits. Also, I tend to find such things a bit narcissistic, but I digress I guess…

Uhm, I’m quite tolerant a lot of things and traits, as long as it isn’t linked to me. (Hello Inferiority Complex my old fiend, you’ve come to bother me again). If I do think something is out of line I will say so though, in return I will expect the same courtesy. My brain-mouth filter tends to falter a lot, and I will undoubtedly go off on an exceptionally stupid tangent at some point. Please stop me when I start when such a thing happens.

You know what, I’m going to stop trying listing positive traits I have, as it always devolves into something like this.

What is your timezone?

GMT+1 during this time of the year.

21-Mar-2019 01:57:47

Victoria Sol
Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2018

Victoria Sol

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What do you enjoy most about Runescape 3?

On one hand, the quests and fact that I actually need to improve in non-combat skills to take some of them. On the other, my laptop is starting to become crap, and I can’t really play other good games to begin with.

What would you like from a clan, what made us stand out to you?

To be honest? The fact that there isn’t a blanket ban on swearing mentioned. Even the Runescape rules allow for it occasionally. (As long as I don’t do it ecessively, or aim my ire at specific people/groups/ethnicities etc. The closest I’m ever going to such a sentiment is when it comes to me desperately wanting to believe stupidity is humanity’s racial trait, and not actually a universal thing.

I try not to let that get to me though.

Have you been guesting in the clan?

Not as of yet

How long have you played Runescape Approx.?

Since I was 12 I think? So 14 years. Most of that has been spread over older accounts which I don’t use anymore though.

Anything else you would like to tell us about anything, hobbies, passions, etc..

Erh. Gaming, reading and writing I guess? I occasionally knit. And for some reason even I don’t understand have a lot of wigs I use frequently.

We have a Clan Citadel, would you be interested in helping?

Definitely. I can’t promise I can make it every week, but I intend to try.

About your Runescape account:

Runescape name upon joining?

Victoria Sol

What is your Combat Level?


What Is your total level?


What is your account type (Regular, hardcore, Iron, skiller?)

Regular, with a focus on Skilling and Questing.

21-Mar-2019 01:59:44

Victoria Sol
Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2018

Victoria Sol

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Have you read the clan rules and will you comply with them?

• Yes

Please name one Mischievous Misfit clan rule:

• I thought this was Yes/No? ;p Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me copy pasting?
‘No hate speech or bullying. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated in our community’

All of the rules (Clan and Runescape)?

• … I’m not going to type all of them. That’d be a nightmare. I hope it suffices to say I know them

To be respectful towards yourself and others?

• Others? Not a problem in general. Myself? That's on ongoing struggle, but I’ll try as hard as ever. I’ll probably still have my moments of failure though.

Have a drama free attitude?

• Yes

Do you understand the is based on experience up to the rank general?

• Yes (assuming that between ‘the’ and ‘is’ you mean the ranking system)

Answer: Yes/No

21-Mar-2019 02:01:35

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