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200milion accounts, however about 30k are true players.
Fantastic updates? Maybe for some, not for the majority.
I personally hated the update in combat system. I don't really care about the others but i also think they made things too easy, the point of having fun on this game no longer exists. People just play the game to 'show off' later. Old combat system was so good... Memories... it was not only based in luck, but also in skill. That was what made Runescape so special and different from the others online games. People used to have fun, making stratagies to reach such goal.
Now take a look at the pking videos... Constant high hits with zero skill involved. All you do is click a keyboard key once in a while and spam eat when ur HP, i mean (constitution) is low. How can someone not find that boring?
Not to talk about the lag. I used to run this game in constant 50fps, it hardly passes 15now. That's a big diference for someone who GOPs, like me.
This game wasn't a waste of time for me. It gave me so much fun x)
I remember to gather Big bones in order to sell them and buy pk supplies. Later when i got back from school i rushed the game to PK with my friends. They were trustful. Not like now, all players try to take advantage of others, forgetting about the friendship involved.
Pking was soooo fun. I remember playing GOP just to make money to PK, but i found out it was too good to just make money.
Thanks for about 4 years (i know it's not a lot, but still much time imo) of
entertainment. Made many and good friends. Never though this day would come :s, when i was younger i wondered if when i turned 16+ years i'd be still playing this awesome game. I just though that i could never stop, I was so addicted to it in my childhood. Now you just gave me a reason. I kinda feel sad for quiting this game but, on the other hand, my addiction is gone and, overall, Real Life is what really matters, and i thank God that this game didin't take it away for me.

Merry Christmasx)

25-Dec-2012 18:45:30

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