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CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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Takkoo said:
I would like access to the 2019 premier forum please

This is something that the rest of the team does manually every 2 weeks but let us know if you still don't have access. :)

Mente Vacia said:
i just want to know when is the last day we can buy it? need to know if I need to sell some stuff in bank to get the bonds or I have a little longer to buy it?

Currently, only the Premier Club Gold Package is available for an extended period of time which the ending hasn't been announced yet. I am sorry that I cannot give you an exact date right now, but I will also pass your inquiry to the rest of the team.

08-Feb-2019 23:21:09

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Can anybody tell me if the 10% aura boost stacks with other things?
I noticed that it doesnt, is this a bug?
I'm doing gilded alter prayer with:
4/5 first age
pulse cores
perfect juju
3% clan ava
and when i use the aura, my xp halves.... this is ridiculous!! Can we have this added/fixed please. Very angry as i have not been able to find anywhere stating it does NOT stack!?

12-Feb-2019 04:04:33

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