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weston btw

weston btw

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We should start having Seasonal HCIM Mode Tournaments to see who the last hardcore standing is. This winner would gain a cash prize. This would be symbolic of this ironman-based MMO. I would much rather anyone PK in game than do so irl. If you wanna get it out, do it on an online platform please. I don't want anyone getting harmed physically. :(

06-Oct-2019 06:07:25

NonMax Jake

NonMax Jake

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Sounds dope - support
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06-Oct-2019 06:18:56

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Spam thread closed
Tren said:
weston btw - Please stop spamming with multiple threads on variations on Ironman mode.

If you want to make all of these suggestions, you should consolidate your ideas into one thread.

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06-Oct-2019 06:56:27

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