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I want a way to make a level 3cb easily and I have a SUGGESTION...

Level 1 att bronze dagger enchanted with level 5 magic... turned to a "level 1 3cb dagger".

And the level 1 dagger removes tiny amount of so instead of giving xp, these features can be easily toggled off if u don't wanna be a 3cb.

And a quest... A 3cb quest... requirements, +3cb.

And then when u complete quest u can go level 2 dagger.. And it removes xp quicker, also can be toggled.

Then a boss. Reward is level 3 dagger.. Level 3 dagger allows hp to be lowered to 1 and 1cb. Which opens a reward shop that lowers attack str magic range prayer summ to 0. And 0cb with 1hp.
Skillet? Skill no.

So much moot.

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