Purified Shortbow - Not there?

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Vamo Elysian
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Vamo Elysian

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Hey all,

I recently won the "Purified Shortbow Token" from one of the two Umbral Chests being promoted via Twitch Prime.

I redeemed the token, and received the chat message in game about it being "unlocked" and available in the "Customisation" menu, however, no such cosmetic override exists. I have unfiltered my customisation menu so that it displays every single item and upon searching for "purified" or even "shortbow" nothing is found.

I have also tried equipping a shortbow and filtering the slot and again nothing is found, so why hasn't it actually unlocked after stating it does AND taking my token?

04-Jul-2019 12:55:27

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Sounds like a bug report is needed 9 200ms. Founder of Jamandy52 skilling clan. Love skilling. Love minigames.
Working on 200m Slayer atm. PM for effigies assists, and for tips when skilling. World 70.

04-Jul-2019 22:31:16

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