Jagex, you stole my $69.98.

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I bought 5 bonds, got the transaction failed message. Tried a different card thinking I just didn't have the funds available, same thing happened. Only issue is, my account is showing both charges. I called my credit union to see if it was a problem on their end. According to them, there was no issue with the charges and they had both been approved and were waiting on LONDON GB to accept the funds.

I'd like you to refund me $34.99, let the other $34.99 go through and then give me the 5 bonds I paid for, or just kick back all of the money so I can try the entire thing again. But as it stands right now, according to my credit union, you've stolen $69.98 from me.

08-May-2019 09:04:14

Chief Elf
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Hey Tapedstuff,

If the transaction has failed, the money will eventually be returned back to you.

The money is presently being held by the bank while waiting for Jagex to claim it. Once the waiting period has passed and the bank is aware of the unsuccessful purchase, the money will be returned to your account. The bank may take up to 5 working days to return the payment.

For more information on unsuccessful payments, click here.
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