The GOP Tournament of Tea

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Wazzup Deed

Wazzup Deed

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ok so here is my thing on the tourny uriel, i know i have been away for a long time and give it times changed, i wanna make this clear though im not trying to be hostile or offend you in any way i am just giving my opinion. first off i think the whole separating them by MTI is not accurate at all because if you want to team people up fairly MTI is not the way to do it because if you are a gopper like me, i never get close to my max when i play. it should be based on average if your gonna separate them like that. give it that doing this method would take a long time if you gop a lot you are basically able to tell someones skill level by watching them so it wont take as long as you would think. like i said last night to timo if my max is 38 on air but i avg a 30 on air and i get teamed up with someone who's max is 38 but avg's 37 its basically the same thing its an unfair pairing. another thing is i think the pairings should be random where as a noob gopper could be paired up with an experienced one. even if you loose, the new player can meet the other experienced goppers and also watch them play which helps out a lot. that is just my take on it im not saying you should change it or anything but just consider it

11-Jun-2013 18:03:04

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