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m ilkncereal
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m ilkncereal

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I have played the majority of my account on mobile using a samsung galaxy note 9, and my biggest issue with mobile is using quick prayers with slayer. I tend to fat finger the mini map often when attempting to prayer flick. My suggestion would be to add in a feature that allows the circle that is the minimap to be able to switch to be a toggle for quick prayers making slayer more efficient on mobile. Could also create options to do the same with run toggle (although the uses for that seem rather useless).

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Support! Welcome to the fat-finger community :P

My other suggestion would be that we should be able to customise where we want our prayer icons, or other icons to be located. Or that we should have a press and hold function, where we can hold and hover over the icon, which would enlarge the icon. Once we release the hold over the icon, it will execute its function.

However, press and hold functions can be tricky at times for sweaty-fingers like me.
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