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Hey all,

Before you start playing the Mining and Smithing Beta, be aware that you will be playing with a copy of your live account. Any actions made in the Mining and Smithing Beta will NOT transfer over to your main account and will be lost when the Mining and Smithing Beta ends.

You can participate in the beta by clicking this link. In the beta you will be able to do everything you can do in the live game, yes this includes fighting Solak. We would however encourage you to play with the new Mining and Smithing skill and tell us your feedback and bugs you do find.

What has changed?

Here is a very quick overview of what has changed:


  • No depletion of materials

  • Ability to mine AFK (although you’ll be rewarded for paying attention)

  • New ore bank for storage

  • Four new tiers of ore spanning 60-90

  • Smithing

  • The ability to smith from a new metal bank

  • Additional mechanics to reward those who pay attention

  • Better XP thanks to new upgrading and burying processes

  • Make masterwork and trimmed masterwork armour which, if you’re not aware, is the best melee armour in the game!

  • Four new tiers of metal spanning 60-90

  • PvM

  • Ore, bars and metal equipment replaced on drop tables with new stone spirit and salvage items

  • Spring cleaner has been improved

  • Mechanics and Details of M&S

    In the case that you would like to read more about all the mechanic and details of the M&S beta, Suity has created this awesome guide. An other option would be taking a look at the documentation written up mainly by Mod Jack, you can find this documentation here.

    What are you waiting for?

    It's time to start playing the beta and if you don't know what to do, here are some suggestions:
  • Go to the artisan workshop in Falador and smith something

  • Find a miningsite on the worldmap and swing your pickaxe at some rocks

  • Wander around and do everything else expect Mining and Smithing

  • ~Four Direction
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    Is it possible the beta isn't accessible trough a macbook?
    Filewal is down but i get a notice that the firewall blocks the application.
    Really looking forward to try your new beta!!:)

    13-Nov-2018 11:10:46

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    clicking the link in this post gives 404 error. The link on the main news site works, but gives firewall error.

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    Good Beta Testing everyone! There was an issue with the link, I've now fixed this! Community Manager! @JagexPoerkie

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