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Leave all your feedback related to the Mining and Smithing Beta here! Please describe it with as much reasoning and detail as possible.

Some questions that might help you to write better feedback:
* What is the advantage of it being the way you propose something vs how it works now?
* What is the reason you want to see a change?
* Have I described the improvement good enough?
* Can others figure out where I'm talking about or do I need to add more detail?

Looking forward to the feedback you all have!

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Okay leaving a bit of feedback now:


- Allow the stamina mechanic to come with some more grace period (like smithing). Being active should be rewarded, but players shouldn't be forced to click every 4 ticks to remain at 100 %. I think a tiering used like the one for heat would be fine 0-33 %, 34-66 %, 67+ %.
- Could also be the stamina bar be displayed under the progress one?Seems to be implemented according to patch notes, but I don't see where.
- The sheer existence of pure essence is currently a punishment for being a member (it's worth less than the regular for quite a long time now): Either remove it entirely and replace every application by rune essence again or make it more valuable by granting a chance on a double rune proc for instance. The former solution would also fix the issue free ironmen aren't able to create runecrafting urns


- 10050 % respect for a single piece of the blacksmith outfit is waystill a bit too much for the actual use it offers. Lower it to 20 % per piece (120 % in total with the head addon) and grant a slight chance to obtain a piece when doing the ceremonial sword d&d. Don't forget the whole set would save you 650k xp at most - so it shouldn't only be fully obtained when you're halfway through anyway already.
- Allow players to learn how to smith defenders they've already obtained once up to rune. Losing a high levelled defender should hurt, but that way some small-ish catch up would exist this way.
- Iron spits do no longer seem to be present under iron misc stuff. Allow free players to smith them as well.
- The furnace doesn't recognize deposited ores without closing and opening the window again.
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- Rebalance the smelting urn to a general purpose smithing urn. It's currently not worth the wasted inventory slots and it won't be worth being kept as smelting will no longer be a viable training method.Fixed, thank you
- Consider the 'Respect' mechanic to be converted to some kind of numerical system, which doesn't require players to cap out to buy certain rewards.
- Starting low levelled items at max heat doesn't seem to always work currently.
- It's not really clear how to turn in ceremonial swords after finishing them.
- Some misc projects still are at non-adequate levels: Dragon platebody (should be 60-esque), Dragonfire shields (should be 70-esque) Spirit shields (should be 75-esque). I think it doesn't hurt if those projects are slightly higher than what they're used to create, but especially the dragon platebody is extremely off.

Tierscape and general feedback in another post.
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This is way out there but any way we could get a Hazelmere's signet ring to try out in this beta. it will be years before I can get one and I would like to try it before I am 50years old or older.

lol Thank you Mod Timbo

Big fan of this mining and smithing + Crew and of Mod Timbo for that ring.

13-Nov-2018 11:43:10

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Adding the new items to smith and new items to mine and how minning works now is great.

Now the smithing rework. It just feels like you guys intentionally are slowing down invention. It takes forever to craft a single item. This will be devastating to the invention community that for certain uncommon components. I highly dislike the smithing rework. I feel we would be better off crafting endless items like we did previously for base items. Now masterwork items should take time and effort to craft but currently smithing is going to hurt the invention skill badly.
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