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Well guess what?

Many (perhaps most) of us actually do love the Rework and if you don't than yea you should go do osrs.

The whole reason OSRS even exists is to separate those who love the old ways from those who love the new way!

20-Feb-2019 01:49:47

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I like the ore/bar storage and the mining rework but the forge/heat mechanic has got to go. I can't make large quantities of things to disassemble anymore because the heat mechanic has quadrupled the time it takes to smith them.

27-Feb-2019 08:29:59 - Last edited on 27-Feb-2019 08:31:31 by Dawgfan59

Boris D
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Boris D

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Now that things have given some time to settle at least, I think masterwork and trimmed masterwork needs a serious review. All that's really happened is that smithers have continued to be squashed down, ores and bars are worth so little in the market, and now Torva has had an enormous bump to benefit bossers and PVE players. However much the actual mechanics of the new rework have been promising and enjoyable, the reward aspect of it has been incredibly disappointing. It's just opened the door for more bossers and merchants to benefits on the backs of skillers. If you have to inject NPC's that let us exchange our items for gold then do that. It can add coins to the market but that's no different than what PVE does. This is ridiculous. I had hoped that this rework would make a skill finally good money per hour but it's not even close to older existing methods.

05-Mar-2019 20:54:58

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Since the rework I no longer get strange or golden rocks while mining crystal flecked sand stone or red sandstone.

I am not sure if this was a deliberate change or just a bug. But i am really frustrated by this as it was a daily task. There was no need for the rework to change one of mini games

12-Mar-2019 02:33:36

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I noticed an absence of plateskirts in the new armor sets (Ori*alkum, Nekronium, etc.). I was wondering if there was an intention of adding them back to the game, as I thought they were neat and allowed for more player expression without compromising defense (I know there's customization now but I still liked the plateskirts). I always thought it was neat that Runescape was the only game that included plateskirts.

23-Mar-2019 02:47:50

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Because of the rework of the mining/smithing, players doing smithing at the artisans’ workshop are maxing out their rewards points as there are no consumable items that we can buy except for the sword polishing kits and the luminite injectors. Could it be possible that more consumable items be added?

31-Mar-2019 20:23:15

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