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The RS Life

The RS Life

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The greatest goal a player can achieve...Becoming a player moderator... 14 years ago I was introduced to this wonderful "game" known as RuneScape. I was in awe with this new world I discovered. I fell in love. The "game" itself, the community, every click I made was bliss. Years went by, and my love grew stronger with every login. The "game" became something more than just a "game", I use quotes because it is, in fact, a family. The community became one giant family. Like all families you look out for one another, protect each other, and help each other grow.
Which brings me to today, 14 years later. These days we have countless new players. The introduction of mobile and veterans returning to old school have record breaking players playing again. Of course with new and returning players coming into the game more and more scammers, botters, hackers, etc. have also returned. Every day I login it blows my mind how many there truly are. I for one have had enough! It makes me sick. Can you imagine losing everything you've worked so hard for to someone who does absolutely nothing for this giant family we have? The scammer doesn't care at all, not one bit about this community. Only themselves. Yet the player on the other end of the
scam is absolutely crushed. devastated. They are slugs! Scum! I want to help stop this. If by some miracle I could achieve player mod status, I would do anything
and everything to help this community...this family...
I can't do it alone everyone. Take that extra second to REPORT those you see scamming.
Help that new player you see falling for that scam. Don't stand by. Becoming a moderator is my goal, what an honor it would be. Not to show off, not just to have that silver crown by my name, but to be the big brother defending his younger siblings from these bullies! To make players not fear trading one another. To bring back a little trust between players. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Your future P Mod,

The RS Life

17-Mar-2019 18:06:19

The Infernix
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The Infernix

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I report scammers, too. Though realistically, the best way to become a Pmod is to be a streamer who doesn't actually record his illicit activities and put them on youtube.
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17-Mar-2019 19:53:00

The RS Life

The RS Life

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Thanks for commenting! I'm glad to hear you report as well. I know it seems like a never ending battle, but the fact you're making the effort to report is all it takes. As far as the streamers go, Jagex will catch them one way or another if they are breaking the rules. It's just a matter of time for anyone who breaks the rules! :)

17-Mar-2019 20:09:59

The RS Life

The RS Life

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I suppose it's a matter of opinion. My personal greatest achievement would be to help my fellow players to the best of my ability. Not saying you can't do that without the P Mod status. However, with it, you can do much more. That fact alone makes it my personal goal.

18-Mar-2019 01:53:38

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