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Hello there. :) Welcome to Guess Their Total XP! The point of the game is to guess the total XP of the person below you.

Now, I know that guessing their total XP is hard. You're probably thinking, "How are we supposed to guess their XP!? It could be 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000!" Depending on their total XP, there's a certain range that you have to be between, shown below:

Their Total XP: Up to ___ XP off (up to ___ XP higher or ___ XP lower than their actual total XP)
0-4,999,999 XP: Up to 500,000 XP off
5,000,000-19,999,999 XP: Up to 2,000,000 XP off
20,000,000-49,999,999 XP: Up to 4,000,000 XP off
50,000,000-99,999,999 XP: Up to 8,000,000 XP off
100,000,000-249,999,999 XP: Up to 15,000,000 XP off
250,000,000-499,999,999 XP: Up to 40,000,000 XP off
500,000,000-999,999,999 XP: Up to 75,000,000 XP off
1,000,000,000-1,999,999,999 XP: Up to 100,000,000 XP off
2,000,000,000+ XP: Up to 150,000,000 XP off

For example, if your total XP is 220M, the range for your total XP would be +/- 15M based on the brackets above (in this case, 205M - 235M XP). If the most recent guess was anywhere within this range, it would be correct.

Here's another example:
Player 1: 700M XP?
Player 2 (has 770M XP): Yep! 150M XP?
Player 3 (has 130M XP): Nope. 350M XP?

1) Please don't post twice in a row.
2) Please be honest when it comes to your total XP. This keeps the game fun!
3) Have fun guessing! :D

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