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Meh looks like VMG has moved on so meh why not.

*I look at the note with a suspicious expression.*

Me: Yea this is almost certainly a trap. Very well I'll play along with a few precautions.

*I deploy a soligram and walk away and the soligram proceeds to knock on the door.*

(Basically a soligram stands for solid hologram. It can fight back and even injure its opponents but it can only take one hit before disappearing.)

*Legion reads through a few documents and finds one particularly alarming.*

Duncan: What's the matter?

Legion: This document mentions something about some "Black Emperor".

Duncan: So couldn't that just be Zemoregal?

Legion: Unlikely seeing as they are both mentioned separately and even implies he may be the reason why this world is they way it is.

Duncan: What do you mean?

Legion: Well it says here this so called "Black Emperor" killed people like Jack, Sara and even Master one and VMG's other friends before they could ever reach the heights they could in our world. It even implies he was the one who helped turn Christina in this world.

Duncan: My word it seems there's even more to this world than we realised. We should warn the others.

*Duncan and Legion teleport to the battle at Varrock as his crystal times out.*
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(i have not moved on. sure, i have been a bit pessimistic on whether we can finish this or not, but i have been keeping watch just in case. i just needed some time)

in the skies of new varrock, sarah uses her rope to guide the zombie dragon, steering it towards the castle and jumping off when she gets near. she lands on the roof and readies her bow, planning to sneak to the throne room to assassinate zemouregal

meanwhile, the other three fighters make their way to the center. suddenly, the horde of zombies begin to stop, and stand there in place motionlessly. we hear a sound, and see the portcullis on the castle begin to open. we slowly and cautiously enter the castle...
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Ok good we can continue as planned then.
*There's no answer to my soligram's knock much to everyone's disappointment. I then see the rest of the party come to meet me.*

Me: Ohh I've been waiting for you all.

VMG: Who's that standing next to you?

Me: Ohh that's Arrav he's going to help us kill Zemoregal.

Arrav: Greetings adventurers I look forward to fighting alongside you all.

Me: All I had to do was get him his shield, his heart and the darklight.

Jack: How did he-

Christina: Probably best not to ask.

Me: Well any way time to spring the trap that was meant for the trap on the other side of that door.

*I press a detonator and blow up the door and most of the wall in the process.*

Me: So shall we?

Arrav: Onwards!

*Arrav charges ahead and I draw my gun ready to fire.*

*Meanwhile Legion see's Sarah stealthily infiltrating the castle and decides to do the same and climbs the castle while cloaked.*

*The Emporer looks on as the fight is ready to begin with his hands soaked in blood and a crooked smile.*

Emporer: Let the games begin.
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zemouregal sees arrav charging towards him, and casually equips the staff of armadyl. he blocks the attack intended towards him and the two stand before each other.

zemouregal: "So, you betray me, Arrav. I thought you'd be better than that. No matter. Soon you'll become a truly loyal servant."

christina 2.0: "Shall I, Milord?"

zemouregal: "No. He's all mine. Take care of the intruders."

christina 2.0 walks towards me, jack and christina

zemouregal: "Oh, and... just so you don't destroy my castle while you're at it."

zemouregal snaps his fingers and the four of us are teleported to an alternate dimension. christina attempts to plead with her alternate self, but to no avail, as the brainwashed priestess tirelessly flings one spell after another. back in varrock castle, zemouregal readies his weapon in a one-on-one confrontation against arrav

zemouregal: "No need to worry, Emperor. You shall not have to lift a finger."

meanwhile, sarah rapidly searches through the different rooms unseen in an attempt to find an advantage against the enemy. she sees a book about soul containers, and flips through the pages

sarah: "So you can only use one container, huh? That must be the one back at the cave. Zemmy's dead meat."

she turns around, and finds a familiar figure behind her: this worlds variant of dave, her boyfriend and a fellow savior of gielinor. while he has the same pirate motif as before, he sports a meaner expression, and two axes instead of an anchor

to be continued
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dave 2.0: "This ain't a place fer visitors, Girl. State yer business."

sarah: "What? You... you're not working for him... right?"

dave 2.0: "Gotta do what I can te survive. 'tis the law o' the land 'ere

sarah: "Hold on. I have to be here, but I don't want to fight you either. How about we make a deal? If you pretend I'm not here, I can help restore this world. I'm here to take down Zemouregal. I got a whole team with me."

dave 2.0 lowers his weapons.

dave 2.0: "So... He'll meet his maker, eh? Fine. I'll spare ye. But Zem don't know I turned coat. Ye'll be me prisoner fer now

sarah: "I guess if i have to."

sarah hides her crystal seed in her hand, then puts her hands behind her head. dave 2.0 then begins to escort her to the throne room, unaware of the fighting that has occurred
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*Sarah and Dave arrive in the throne room and find Arrav and Zemoregal are clashing in a melee. Zemoregal attempts to stab Arrav but Arrav intercepts with a shield bash knocking both fighters back. Zemoregal then turns around and notices Dave with Sarah as his "prisoner".*

Zemoregal: Ahh Dave for a moment there I thought I'd have to summon some zombies. Execute your prisoner then help me put this "hero" back in his place at my feet.

Arrav: Coward!

*Dave releases Sara and draws his weapons.*

Dave: Actually Zem I believe it be time fer a change in leadership.

Zemoregal: You betray me as well Dave? Not that it matters since it's going to take more than the three of you to take me on.

*Legion appears behind Zemoregal with his energy blade against his neck.*

Legion: How about four. Is that better odds?

*Meanwhile in the other arena with Christina 2.0. We take cover from Christina's furry of spells.*

Jack: So what's the plan?

Me: We should test what her capabilities are before planing our attack. We should attack her from all angles in order to see what her capabilities are. I'll make the first move back me up.

*I summon some swords behind her and I jump to the side and unleash some soul shots as the swords fly into her back.*

(Basically Soul shots are a type of bullet that can only strike the soul of its target and typically avoid any armour or shielding.)
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christina 2.0 only looks behind her as the swords harmlessly bounce off. she then looks at the soul shots, only to clutch her chest in pain. she retaliates by attacking ashlin with a large stream of fire, which he easily dodges. christina 2.0 centers herself, then raises her hands in the air. dark clouds gather in the air, and lightning fiercely strikes the ground, forming fissures that split the ground and vortexes of fire that rampage across the field.

christina 2.0: "If you pledge your allegiance to my lord, you may be spared."

christina: "Wait! You must see reason!"

christina 2.0: "I do see reason, by pledging myself to my lord's service and pleasure. You should do the same. After all, you are me."

christina: "Exactly. I am you. That's why I know there's hope for you!"

christina 2.0 responds with summoning spikes from the earth under her alternate self, forcing her to dive to the side

jack: "Enough. As much as I hate to say this, we have to bring her down."

christina: "I understand, but please don't kill her. If we weaken her enough, I can talk to her. I'll counter her magic with my own if necessary."
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(since dave 1.0 is back in the good timeline, dave 2.0 will simply be referred by his name for the sake of convenience)

varrock palace:

zemouregal: Ugh... I won't stand for this..."

zemouregal slams the staff of armadyl on the floor, and a large shockwave erupts from his location. said shockwave is powerful enough to level the entire palace, and everyone is knocked in separate directions. sarah loses the grip on her seed, and it gets sent flying towards dave, who pockets it upon seeing it. zemouregal raises his hand in the air, and hordes of undead rise up on the ground

zemouregal later sees a necklace on the ground among the debris, the same type christina 2.0 wears, and picks it up. sarah, initially knocked away by the shockwave, regains her footing upon landing. she fights off the zombies and skeletons unarmed, until an undead giant reanimates behind her and gets a tight grip, rendering any attempts to break free useless

zemouregal walks towards her, who is pursued by dave in turn. knowing he cannot reach her in time, zemouregal commands the giant to throw her towards him, who squeezes tight before doing so. sarah regains herself, and jumps away from him, but not before he has managed to sneak the necklace on her

sarah: "So, any new plans, Zemmy? Come on, I'll take anything you got."

zemouregal: "Heh heh. You'll regret that soon enough."

sarah quickly glances down, and reacts in shock as she notices the necklace. she attempts to rip it off, but zemouregal has already clenched his fist, and the necklace works its magic. zemouregal summons one burst of torture magic to force sarah to the ground. dave stands still, unsure of what is about to happen. zemouregal looks at him, sports a sadistic smile, then continues the use of the necklace. sarahs screams of agony snap dave to his senses, who rushes to help her, and zemouregal spawns more undead to delay him
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while dave is fighting off the undead, zemouregal makes his ultimatum

zemouregal: "Now there, Traitor. And you too. Are you sure you want to proceed? There are so many ways you can inflict pain, you know."

sarah attempts to fight the pain and get up, but a new burst forces her back on the ground

zemouregal: "Take one step closer to her, and I'll put her through so much pain that her heart will stop. I'm sure I can salvage most of her beauty during the reanimation process, so there's no loss for me."

this is enough to make dave stop in his tracks, who drops his axes to the ground and lets another undead giant restrain him. zemouregal smiles once more

zemouregal: "So... you really thought I'd keep my end of the bargain, eh? I have learned one important thing during my ruling: never trust the living!"

zemouregal clenches his fist hard, as sarah screams more loudly, and the necklace glows an even darker and stronger shade of red. after about 10 seconds of intense pain, however, the necklace loses its hue, and gets a dim black color. sarah breathes heavily, taking a few moments to regain herself and get up. she rips the necklace off, and crushes it beneath her foot in spite. she turns towards zemouregal, and speaks in a scarily calm and composed tone

sarah: "Now you've done it. Now you've really made me mad."

dave frees himself by headbutting the giant, then cripples it by hacking its leg with one of his axes. he then picks up the seed and throws it towards sarah, who catches it and sings it into a halberd. she then makes a beeline towards zemouregal, her halberd spinning in her hand
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I'm still here too! I kept forgetting to check so I've fallen behind.


*meanwhile on the castle roof*

*The emperor hears a rumbling behind him as the masonry crumbles and then moves back into place, Duncan 2.0 emerging from the opening, sword held out*

Dunc 2.0: I thought I sensed a rat sneaking around. Who are you?

*The emperor, without a hint of surprise or fear, slowly turns his head, his face still fixed in its demented smile. Dunc 2.0 suddenly freezes in place, breaking out in a cold sweat as if he’d just stared death in the face. The earth crumbles beneath him again as he flees the scene, terrified. He doesn’t even stop to breathe until he can sense that no footsteps are following him.*

Emperor: Ah yes, it will be so much more fun to watch you all squirm in agony on the battlefield first.

Dunc 2.0: That was an extremely close call. Who on earth was that …

*The earth-mage makes his way toward the castle where he finds-*

Dunc 2.0: Oh, hello.

Me: Oh great, as if one of me wasn’t bad enough. Why is there a dead animal on your face?

Dunc 2.0: …er, you’re in danger of growing one too but nevermind. What happened here?

Me: I was on my way to regroup with my allies and they all got zapped away somewhere. There’s at least another here but he cloaked himself when we got here. I think he’s infiltrating the place.

Dunc 2.0: Um. OK. Well, er, it would appear there’s some sort of conflict going on in the nearby room so we should probably go and assist.

Me: Yup.

*It’s at this point that there is a massive, abrupt shaking*

Dunc 2.0: Get down!

*Dunc 2.0 jumps in front and shields us both from the flying rocks. As the destruction clears we are treated to a view of the now destroyed palace and the scene which unfolds in what was the throne room. I am about to barge in when 2.0 blocks my way.*

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