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Hi been playing level 3 used to have much more fun challenges with quests, but quests being locked by stats to even start killed alot of our playable content
Would this be something ever reverted to the past or is this something never to return?

Seems skill pures are a fading out due to us purely skilling (i know this kinda goes against the name of the pure, but we do enjoy trying to achieve stuff also outside this).
But it wasn't just that which made it fun to play, it was finding ways to get around hurdles to show achievements that we can get / compromises we made to get these hard tasks done.

Things like family crest, tail of two cats and so on.. these were what separated the skill only pures from the hardcore / pushing to the limit with our restrictions.
Main's get comp capes and such, but when this update was introduced it killed so much content for us.
example - Family crest requires 40 smithing / mining and 59 magic
In the past quests only needed pre-quests done, but introduction of required stats is what ruined this for us.
You used to be able to start quests but not finish if stats not met, but now this isn't an option at all.

With the change of how xp is given from mobs too has effected this so we can't even recoil certain quests anymore without some experience gained (e.g. one small favour / shilo village)

Could this be something considered?
Anyone else get where I'm coming from / also suffering from this?
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Stop fussing - two of the last four quests released (Needle Skips and Violet is Blue) had no requirements whatsoever, and one of the other two only needed a cooking level.

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I ran into this problem many times when attempting to do pure Skilling in the past while procuring certain rewards.
Honestly it is what made me stop pure Skilling and ditch the trend.
However, a simple matter that works for most quests is to give the combat experience in the form of a lamp.
Other than that, all I can think of to bypass the Requirements is to perhaps for the game to somehow treat the account similarly to an ironman account. In that regard, I mean perhaps have the quest initiator offer you an alternative method to 59 magic in recognition of your pure account.
This would take a lot of work though, I feel.
In the meantime, I also feel the ring of recoil should at least function for pures safely like it always has in the past.
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