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So, the material rewards are meant to off-set the cost of completing a daily challenge, but I have found some flaws in my last few weeks of gamplay.

1. Marigolds are worthless. Sure, they make bull ant pouches. But who makes bull ant pouches? Nobody, because the terror bird is nearly the same level but butter. I'm lucky to sell them for even 1,000 gold.
2. Some fire making challenges offer no reward. My latest, burn 320 elder logs, cost over 1M gold and gave no material rewards upon being handed in.
3. Conversely, a fishing 59 shark daily challenge rewarded me with material rewards, even though it was a gathering skill and cost me absolutely nothing.
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1. Unless you're an ironman - you're getting the total value of the stuff turned in for gathering challenges as well as the effort you had to create the stuff for artisan challenges (usually the sum of the components when bought at the GE). It doesn't fully apply to the latter - herblore challenges, which create untradeables are usually not worth bothering it, since the reward is a bad joke compared to the effort, but it also applies to certain cooking challenges.
2. Likewise FM - It's not broken by design (when you got nothing for turning in, you get nothing returned), but it's not worth bothering with them at all (unless you actually train with that stuff already). That whole family of challenges might be worth a rework, maybe they could include those new incense sticks, which will be released later today.
3. See 1

If you're an ironman it's likely not worth bothering with most challenges anyway, since you don't get the free TH key, as well as just a partial compensation for what you did. Just do the challenges you can do alongside your day-to-day work. The compensation focus on the monetary value of the items returned, not their usefulness to a distinct player.
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