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DemonEmperor said:
Does Jagex even look into disruptive behavior for minigames. pretty doubt it I would report it maybe if as someone spammed or kept bothering me a ton.
would report it for just as trades, teleport others request, aid, etc. and ignore them.
but doubt they would know if I reported them in Castle wars or so.

Doubt anyone would lie about CW players trying to do this. I know people try this a ton also but I doubt anyone would try making up a lie on images on cwars. as the screenshots may not show it I guess you could check the time stamp I placed above and look for any logs of them hanging together and maybe talking anything about the flag as some of them even talked about dropping the flag just I never screenshotted it.

No one is calling you a liar, in fact many people know of these players who crash and flame often in minigames. What I believe Loki was saying was that the evidence you posted is not substantial enough for jagex to do anything. I am sure Jagex knows about crashers/flamers in castle wars its just really only a problem for a small portion of their community and thusly gets ignored. Sadly nowadays the minigames community has mostly diminished.

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