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Salve eel

Salve eel

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Loki said:

I am referring to the team side of Stealing Creation. This is a great addition to that minigame, as it allows FCs to be able to run games more like they want, such as Fast Sc. It would be really good if this type of team forming was universal at all minigames. There are certain friends chats that prefer to run a certain way, so it would be good to have their own private games with the ability to remove/keep crashers, trolls out.

For example, if someone comes to crash Fast Sc (non-combat sc games) and PKs, then they're able to kick that player from the friends chat which doesn't allow them to be able to join their games. We need this for every minigame such as Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Heist, Fist of Guthix, etc

Rather than have a heap of different pens/rooms for each minigame, have just one in the Gamer's Grotto that players can enter for friends chats to make their own games. Possibly have a setting on the FC settings set to a certain minigame, or once players challenge each other (their FCs), a dialog box comes up asking which minigame to start.

Grouping System:

¤ The grouping system is pretty broken, and doesn't work as intended. I'm fairly certain it's only used for Raids lol.
¤ It's capped at 50 players which isn't enough for the more popular minigames (FCs have a cap of 100, which should be increased to 200-300)
¤ Most communities are run within FCs, so they should be given some love.

The points made in this post I believe would be most beneficial to the minigames community and Jagex needs to get past their discontent with people 'boosting'. The way they designed the game is for people to look for the most efficient methods of doing things.. why should minigames be any different? And why should the toxicity of crashing be allowed? If they mess up this update to make private games impossible, minigames will truly be dead content.

13-Mar-2018 13:04:04

Salve eel

Salve eel

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Yusou Bhoroi said:
Just to point out: I've never been a supporter of crashing, even though I don't agree with Boosters/AFKers (in most Minigames).

The majority of crashing I've come across, in the last 3-5 Years, has been done by the boosters and AFKers, not the other way round (there are also trolls who try and crash games that have balanced/fair teams, too, but these are far fewer in number than those just determined to AFK - and sometimes deliberately force everyone else to, though even the ones that aren't deliberately trying to do that, end up having that effect).

I don't think you even understand the basics of what goes on in minigames today. From what I have heard all you know about is GOP which is completely irrelevant to any of the other minigames mentioned with the issue of crashers today. Boosters never crash, your argument is invalid and quite frankly absurd as boosters never attempt to bother people actually playing these minigames.

14-Mar-2018 05:59:29

Salve eel

Salve eel

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Yusou Bhoroi said:
That sounds like an SC-based problem.. it's the other way round with Gop, TB, Heist, and FoG (the majority are just people who will AFK disruptively, but there are some who actively follow any people trying to play, if they hop Worlds, in order to disrupt them into submission).

Edit: This issue has been a problem in all the Minigame I listed, and is a problem for things like CastleWars, too (have not yet seen anyone who hops World to chase active players, in order to disrupt them, for CWs, though).

Literally every spotlight for castle wars, games are actively chased by crashers who hop worlds in order to disrupt them.

14-Mar-2018 06:05:26

Salve eel

Salve eel

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Craz said:
At least for CW, as long as you have an even number of people on each team, I'm pretty sure it's impossible for other people to enter the game, assuming none of the starting players lobby. If that's wrong, please correct me.

Using that assumption, MAYBE, if the games weren't 23 vs 5 and instead, 14 v 14, then they wouldn't be able to crash, no?

Loki, as long as people in those friend's chats can't boost their way to being more efficient, such as being 23 v 5, then I'd be okay with friend's chats being allowed on the same world.

Even if teams are tied they can be crashed, unless you only allow level 138s to join which even then some may decide to leave at any time. Keeping teams tied is an extremely unrealistic way to avoid crashers. Also boosting has become the only way cw is played off spotlight besides the seldom games on w24. It has pretty much come down to two groups of people playing cw.. boosters and crashers. A majority of the crashers have already gotten their trim or rewards they wanted from cw and are there purely to cause grief and to flame boosters.

14-Mar-2018 15:13:47

Salve eel

Salve eel

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None of what you just said was true. Crashers could care less if people play legit because when they crash believe me they don't play fair, they hold the flag to sabotage our caps and sometimes flat out bug abuse the flag out of existence. Adopting a system where losing gives reward only makes afking in minigames even more appealing because why play when u can afk and still get something. If you really are defending flamers and griefers then who are you to post in this thread? Seems like you got banned from fast sc or something and are now taking your aggression out here. Only two reasons people crash, 1. to get a powertrip from ruining games for dozens of people, and 2. to get revenge on the fc that "wronged" you.

14-Mar-2018 16:19:34 - Last edited on 14-Mar-2018 16:19:52 by Salve eel

Salve eel

Salve eel

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So your argument is that boosting is bad because the majority would rather boost than play legit so we should force them to play legit to appease the minority? That just isn't a viable option for jagex as it would kill the playerbase involved with minigames. Also it is more than some crashers who are toxic it is a vast majority of them. Also those reasons I gave why people crash are independent of each other. I only took a guess you got banned but clearly I know some people just do it to ruin games for the sheer entertainment of it. I am not against changes to minigames but I definitely support the system that sc has to avoid crashers/flamers.

14-Mar-2018 17:02:14

Salve eel

Salve eel

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Barbarian Assault -keep
Barrows -keep
Bounty Hunter -Update
Burgh de Rott Ramble/Temple Trekking -keep
Castle Wars -keep + update
Clan Wars -update
Conquest -remove
Deathmatch -update
Dominion Tower -keep
Duel Arena -update
Fist of Guthix -keep
Mage Arena -Remove
Mobilising Armies -Remove
Pest Control -keep
Soul Wars -keep
Fight Couldron -keep
TzHaar Fight Cave -keep
TzHaar Fight Pit -Remove
Fight Kiln -keep

All Fired Up -keep
Blast Furnace -Remove
Brimhaven Agility Arena -Remove
Fishing Trawler -Remove
Gnome Ball -Remove
Gnome Restaurant -Remove
Great Orb Project -Keep
Impetuous Impulses -Remove
Mage Training Arena -Remove
Pyramid Plunder -Remove
Ranging minigame -Remove
Flash Powder Factory -keep
Sorceress's Garden -Remove
Trouble Brewing -Remove
Vinesweeper -Remove

Combat and skilling:
Shades of Mort'ton -Remove after quest
Stealing Creation -keep
Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup -Remove after quest

Burthrope Games Room -Remove
Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza -Remove
Heist -Keep
Player Owned Ports -keep
Rogue Trader -Remove

16-Mar-2018 15:13:43

Salve eel

Salve eel

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Jokku23 said:
Ok, I am voting to keep everything because the minigames don't hurt my gameplay and I don't see a point in removing them.

true and things like mobilizing armies are convenient as a teleport location via dueling rings so removing them would not only be zero gain but would be a loss even if the actual content itself is dead. (aside from mob armies being a trim requirement, but that's a whole different discussion.) Updating these to be better also takes dev time and would probably not be worth the effort even if they did improve them because they did so with things like barbarian assault and that minigame is still dead. Jagex is kind of stuck with keeping minigames as they are because of this dilemma. Really when making suggestions to jagex its important to think of whats viable to the company because that's the entire goal of jagex or any corporation is to make money. They might make changes to minigames one day but honestly I don't see it coming very soon because its not something that excites mass amounts of players. Unless they add a hero item/bis item/best exp then people are generally not going to be interested and it becomes dead content. I feel that's how rs3 players have been programmed and why minigames have died.

20-Mar-2018 20:18:32

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