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Harmed Ore is the Friends Chat based community that scouts and calls the best worlds for the new T90 ores. When the Trahaearn Voice of Seren is active,
Animica ores have a chance to "harmonise" and replace any rune, addy, mith, or coal rocks. We scout and call worlds with the best layout for rockertunities. Join us for the most convenient and best source of new T90 ores!

Our Friends Chats :

Harmed Ore
Harmed Ore1


The Mining & Smithing rework has finally arrived. Harmed Ore is looking forward to evolving throughout these changes. Please join our discussion! Harmed Ore is now active on Discord as well!

Harmed Ore Discord Server Link:

Friends Chat Info

If an FC is full or you're removed, please try a different FC as they all get the same calls. If an FC is full and a rank tries to join, someone is randomly removed -- they're able to rejoin immediately as long as there is space. Lobbiers are warned and kicked at 15 minute intervals if the FC has 80+ people. A kick comes with a 1 hour ban and you may rejoin a different FC. Accounts that are F2P, in instance/citi worlds, OSRS worlds, Foreign servers, or don't have access to Prifddinas may be removed at any time. Kindly note, all FC's are English speaking only.

Any questions or concerns can be directed at Admin :


Retired Owners :

Twinkle Nyx

Last Updated: June 10, 2019

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• Keep the friends chat clean, no trolling. No politics, religion, or other controversial topics. Any severely inappropriate or offensive language including sexual, racist, sexist, etc. remarks can result in a kick or ban. Alt(s) continuing inappropriate discussion will be removed as well.
• Don't cause fights in the friends chat and respect ranks trying to restore order. If you disrespect a rank and are rude to others, you may be kicked.
• During Trah keep the FC to calls only until perfect worlds are found. No spam at all times.
• When scouting, please only call worlds with multiple same type ores in close proximity. Don’t make fake calls. If you have questions about scouting, please ask a rank in FC.
• Leave the FC if not participating to make room for others.
• Try to educate as many people as you can about harmonized ores! Tell others to join FCs for calls.

If any rules are broken, you may be warned and removed from the FC. Each kick results in a strike. Screen shots of your removal with all relevant context will be kept. Kicks to make space in FC during Trah do not count as strikes.

1st Strike: warning + kick. You will be notified by a rank in FC on why you were removed and advised what to do better or what not to do at all. You can message a rank afterward for more information.

2nd Strike: warning + kick. Again, your removal will be explained by a rank. You will also be warned that if you are kicked a third time, you will be temporarily banned from the FC.

3rd Strike: warning + kick + temporary ban. After being removed for breaking the rules a third time, you will be temporarily banned for 2 weeks.

Final Strike: warning + kick + permanent ban. After temp ban, if you are kicked again from FC, you will be banned permanently.

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How Voice of Seren Works

Every hour two new voices are randomly chosen from four possible voices. Out of all eight voices, the voices of the previous hour and the voices of the hour before that can't be the new voices. Therefore, there is always at least a two hour cool down period between the end and start of the same voice.

This means that the first two hours there is a 0% chance, after that each hour has a 50% chance.

How Trahaearn Hour Works

Trah VOS Effects:

• At the start of the hour, every rock in the Trahaearn sector (excluding gem rocks) has a 1/15 chance to become a (T90)
Animica rock.
• +20% chance to reward double ore when mining
• +20% XP smelting corrupted ore

T90 Ores:
Light Animica
Dark Animica

T90 Bar:
Elder Rune Bar
Light Animica
Dark Animica
Rune Bar
(Runite ore + Luminite ore)

animica ores will harmonise at the beginning of the hour and will stay harmed until the end. These ores require 90 mining, which can be boosted.

The goal is to find worlds with the best layout for
. We call perfect (P) worlds as worlds with two same type ores within 1-2 walking tiles. 0 move pairs are noted with a *. If none, distances are listed in brackets.

spawn on same type rocks within a 6 tile radius. Clicking on RCTs does extra damage to the HP bar based on mining level. No progress is lost by changing to a same type rock. These are individually seen.

Trah should be the best source of these ores due to the 20% chance of double ore, increased ore from rockertunities, and convenience to bank (native ore locations in game are very far).

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Mining Boosts

Magic Golem Outfit :
+5% critical hit chance (stacks with aura); +1 rockertunity multiplier; takes on Golden Mining suit +6% exp bonus; takes on Varrock Armor +1% or 2% chance of double ore for T90 ores

Quarrymaster Aura :
1, 2, 3, 4, or 5% increase to critical hit chance, stacks with golem

Augmented Pickaxe of Earth and Song :
deals highest amount of mining damage; Honed 1-5 increases double ore chance 2-10% (secondary perk either Refined or Polishing). Elder Rune+5 Pickaxe has same damage stats, but cannot be augmented.

Elder Rune Ore Box :
stores up to 140 max capacity Light and Dark Animica ore. Base 100 storage, +20 at level 95 for T90 ores, +20 for completing “Everything is Oresome” achievement.

Porters :
banks ores, higher tiers will last longer.

Lava Titan :
+10 damage boost per swing. If not 83 Summ, can use Obsidian Golem for +7 boost.

Perfect Mining Juju Potion :
10% chance to gain a stone spirit of the ore mined. Whenever a stone spirit is consumed for more ore, the stamina bar is immediately refilled. Can also use Perfect Plus potions instead.

Light/Dark Animica Stone Spirits :
gives additional ore and is consumed per ore mined (doubles ore rate). No additional exp.

Mining Cape :
+5% double ore chance and gives BXP for double ores; Right click activate for +1 visible boost (can also have Mining cape as passive perk on Max/Comp cape)

Ring of Whispers :
gives +3 Mining damage per swing; From Sliske’s Endgame, Necklace of Shadows + Catalyst Fragment not required, but can wear if you want chances for extra mining exp

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Additional Boosts:

Crystal Skillchompas:
70 bonus critical damage, consumed per critical hit. Works alongside inventory or tool belt pick. Can be used from inventory. 5% chance to save with POF Chinchompa perk.
Decorated Mining Urns:
additional 625 mining exp per 3,125 exp gained. Urn enhancer gives 25% extra exp.
Mining Accumulator:
gains 1% charge every critical swing, when full gives 2,500 mining exp.
God Banner:
can use skilling boost to increase Mining by 2 levels for 30 minutes, once a day only (can boost to level 90)
Dwarven Stout (m):
boosts Mining by 2 levels temporarily
Overloads / Strength Potions:
increased strength level affects damage done to HP bar. No difference between regular overloads vs supremes for mining.
Dragon Battleaxe
: special in legacy raises strength

If using Grace of the Elves (GOTE):

• Necklace that can hold up to 500 porter charges
• Frees up pocket slot to allow use of scrimshaws
• Gives access to the Rare Drop Table while mining (and other gathering skills)
• Also halves prayer drain for Seren spells
• Also gives access to Max Guild skilling portal teleports, if unlocked

If using Dwarven Ramhammer:

• Make sure it’s set to double ore (no exp gained)
• Porters only use one charge even though double ores

If using Gem Finding Scrimshaw:

• Increases geode chance by 2% (3% for superior)
• Consider using with Resourceful Aura: +2% geode chance
• Cannot use porters (unless using GOTE)
• Wear Amulet of Glory + Luck Boosting Ring (Ring of Fortune, LOTD, etc)

If using Rock Crushing Scrimshaw:

• Increase critical hit chance by 2% (3% for superior)
• Cannot use porters (unless using GOTE)

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How to become a rank :

Hello there,

A big thank you for being here and sharing interest with us to be a rank at Harmed Ore. We're a massive community and some great friendships have been created along the way.

If you enjoy helping others, you may be just the right addition to our team. We look for those that actively help others, exemplify good behavior and maturity, scout, and call ores during Trah hours. Those prominent features of simply being able to assist wherever possible is what it takes to stand out amongst the general crowd. A discord account directly linked to you is a must to ensure all ranks have access to our main hub of communications.

Whilst it is discouraged to simply ask for a rank, a rank application has been created for individuals that feel overlooked. If you are willing to help us help others via scouting, relaying, providing general information about Trah post-rework please fill out this application.

Upon receiving application, you will be observed by ranks for one week. Your activity, helpfulness, and behavior in FC, in public, and/or in Discord will be monitored, both during and outside of Trah hours. After this observation period, you will be informed by Admin if you are fit to join the team. We look forward to working with you!

Rank Application

Please fill out the following and send this to someone in Admin in Discord or post here in thread!

How long have you used the FC (include pre-rework):
Are you willing to help relay, scout, and confirm calls:
Will you be a role model in the FC and help others:
Are you familiar with the new Mining/Smithing mechanics:
Are you excited to join the team:
Any other info you want to share:
Do you have a Discord account (Y/N):

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most FAQs we've gotten in FC since the rework came out! Hopefully this helps ease the transition into a new era of Mining/Smithing and Trah!

How does the M/S rework affect Trah?

Sadly, the old rush of scouting and world hopping for harmed rune is no more. With the M/S rework, all rocks are non-competitive now and don't deplete. Rune has dropped to T50. This also means no more west miners!

On the bright side: we are looking for new harmed ores! The T90 Light and Dark Animica ores can harmonize and spawn replacing any of the rune, addy, mith, and coal rocks. These ores harmonize at the beginning of the hour and remain till after VOS changes. This means no more constant world hopping!

Instead of calling worlds with just any harmed Light or Dark ores, we look for optimal layouts for rockertunities, a new mechanic from the rework. This is to maximize XP and ore.

What are Rockertunities?

Rockertunities are a new mechanic from the M/S Rework. Rockertunities will spawn on rocks of the same type you are mining in close proximity. When clicked, it results in a burst of additional XP and ore. They appear about every 30 seconds as gold sparkles on another rock and have a sound effect when they spawn.

They will only spawn if there are two or more rocks within a 6 tile radius (important during Trah).

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Why is the FC only calling certain worlds? What do you mean by Best Layouts?

Before we would call and keep track of every rune, addy, mith, and coal on all worlds. Now, because every rock in the Trah area, minus gem rocks, has a 1/15 chance to harmonize and become Light or Dark Animica. You are able to pretty much find any world with Light or Dark ore without the help of an FC.

Instead, the FC now focuses on scouting for the best layouts for Light and Dark Animica based on Rockertunities. The best, ideal layouts at Trah have only two same type ores in close proximity/walking distance.

Two Dark/Light ores on a world are ideal because then a rockertunity can only spawn on the other ore. If there are three or more within a close range, it may spawn on any of the other ores and thus, more movement/less control.

Worlds with short walking distance that are close together are ideal to minimize movement time between rocks and maximize mining time!

About layouts, why not call worlds with 1 Dark and 1 Light ore?

The FC does not call these worlds because we relay worlds based on rockertunities, which require other same type ores close by. You will not see rockertunities from one Dark rock spawn on a close by Light rock.

While these kinds of worlds are convenient for both ores, they are not what we are scouting for. Sometimes, we are able to find worlds with both ideal set ups for both Dark and Light ores on the same world!

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Is Trah still worth doing?

Yes!! Even though there are native locations for both Light and Dark Animica rocks in the game world, Trah is the best time to mine each ore for a few reasons.

One effect of Trahaearn VOS is that there is a +20% chance for double ore. Even if you aren't clicking every rockertunity or (even completely AFK), you will get more ore this hour than the regular mining sites.

Since the FC scouts for ideal layouts, there is more control over rockertunities compared to the regular mining sites as well.

If you don't want to use porters or a Grace of the Elves, the bank is extremely close by. With an ore box, you don't have to waste any porter charges.

Last, but certainly not least, your favorite people from the community are still around mining!

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