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FORUM FORMATTING SEEMS BROKEN, WILL EDIT WHEN ITS FIXED. [firebrick]===== CWANS FC =====[/firebrick] [b]Welcome![/b] Thank you for taking time to read our thread! If you are keen on PVP minigames you are at the right place! In CWANS everyone shares a common ideology and works towards the same goal: To revive and reignite the fun of PVP minigames namely Castle Wars and Soul Wars under a fair and friendly atmosphere. In order to achieve this utopia, we pull our weight during and after minigame spotlights. *** [u][b]Minigames[/b][/u] *** - Castle Wars - Soul Wars - Fist of Guthix - TzHaar Fight Pit - Stealing Creation - Clan Wars ===== Currently on Spotlight:===== [firebrick]Soul Wars = 7th August[/firebrick] ===== ===== Upcoming Spotlight:========== [forestgreen]Fist of Guthix = 10th August[/Firebrick] ===== ===== Next pvp Spotlights:===== [firebrick]Castle Wars = 28th August[/firebrick] ===== ======================== [firebrick]Stealing Creation = 31st August[/firebrick] ===== *** [u][b]Requirements[/b][/u] *** - 125+ Combat level - T85+ weapons - Overloads or supreme potions+berserk essence - Curses *If your skill or potential outweigh a requirement you may be accepted; Summarise this in your application. [b][u]Things we are offering:[/u][/b] -An organised Friends chat with experienced and veteran players who are willing to teach you PVP skills. -Dedicated united anti-stack fc, where we work together to create a fun and fair pvp environment in minigames. -Events such as Stealing Creation, Fight Pits, Purple Portal warring, Deathmatch. -A Discord community.

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Rules of Friends Chat:

0. Follow all Jagex and game rules. Banter allowed.
1. Must listen to callers during war calls, no objections.
2. Active membership.
3. Positive Behaviour.
4. Respect all FC members, do not flame each other; if you do not agree with certain opinions please express your thoughts in a polite manner or do so in private messages.
5. Do not defend FC’s enemies we are facing off against. They are enemies for a reason: possibly they hacked, scammed, backstabbed someone from FC before; it will cause unnecessary drama.
6. Do not attack FC members unless we are in free-for-all(FFA) “Green portal” games. You may request a fight if desired but do so respectfully.
7. Do not report FC members, we are a community and we do talk inappropriately at times - but a personal attack is strictly prohibited.
8. Do not abuse power if you are of high rank - if someone is asking a question, please be courteous and take your time to answer and explain it to them.
9. Do not ask for ranks. Your rank will reflect your contributions.
10. Do not leak information - backstabbing the FC will result in a permanent ban. Loyalty is highly valued.
11. Do not spawn kill friends chat members repeatedly. Allow them to escape the base/grave if possible.

Our ranking system depends on a variety of aspects which add up to how much you are contributing to the success of the FC. Rank-ups are given by general ranks when they feel it is necessary.
Things that will help with rank ups:

- Recruitment
- Advertisement
- Idling in the Friends Chat
- Helping others increase their skill
- Bumping Threads
- Activity in Wars, Events, Crashes and Antistacks
- Positive Behavior
- Defending Players in our community and the Friends Chat itself
- Showing leadership when appropriate

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***** STAFF *****

Nuke barge

Ghost team
Mini ghost

Strange face

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***** Friends Chat Application *****

-Combat Level:
-Do you have minigame hybrid gear? If not are you interested in obtaining it?
-Any previous PVP experience?
-What events would you like to see?
-Do you have discord?
-Extra info:

Once you have finished your application, our staff will contact you. If you are accepted, you will be added to the FC.


Congratulations (RSN), your application has been accepted.

Welcome to CWANS. Please add “CWANS” to your friends list. Thank you for choosing us.

If you want our discord address, please ask in the FC.


We are Sorry (RSN), but your application has been declined.

You may have been declined for any of the following reasons:

- Failure to meet requirements
- Scammer Past
- Enemy to our Friends Chat
- Incomplete application
- Lying on our Application Form
- Trolling Post

Please politely contact the player who has denied your application if you have any further questions.

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***** Abbreviations *****

IGC = In-Game Caller - A person who calls.
Call = Color of Team Called.
Coll = Collect - Someone who gets Souls in Soul Wars.
Obby = Obelisk.
Ava = Avatar.
Fi = Fall in - Follow the person saying it and repeat "fall in" to boost numbers.
Aids = Bandages - the supplied minigame food
Cades = Barricades - Defensive or tactical uses.
Def = Defend.
DD = Death Dot - Stand on top of each other.
OM = Off Maging - Someone who mages people as players run.
Cap = Capture the Flag.
Mid = Middle of the map - between the two bridges.
Und = Underground/tunnels in Castle Wars.
Wall = On top of the wall surrounding the base/castle.
Nr = North rocks - stepping stones on the north side of the map.
Sr = South rocks - stepping stones on the south side of the map.
Reb = Rebound - recapture and cap the enemy flag as soon as it's been capped by a teammate.
Pid/Pidcade = Spamming (cade) in the same spot/tile to block passage.
Supps = Supplies - found in home base/grave.
Bands = Bandage - the supplied minigame food
10cade = 10 cades - maximum limit of ten barricades have been placed on the team and there are no free barricades to use.
Sabo = Saboteur - someone purposefully helping the opposite team.
Off = Leave/do not attack.
Cept = Intercept called teammates.
S = Sara/Saradomin team or flag.
Z = Zam/Zamorak team or flag.
Bigs = Big door of the castle’s entrance.
Smalls = Small door of the castle’s entrance.
Spawn = Respawn floor level within castle or graves at Soul Wars. Can also refer to spawn killing/camping (getting killed again right after you die).

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