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Thankyou :p

Been running many Years though ^ - ^

EDIT: (Just to put the points at the top)

Important things to remember, when visiting the chat:

• If the FC and/or CC is empty, this may be because whoever is covering is just world hopping, AFK for a few minuits, reloading for game session/blackscreen/et.cet., checking one of the other chats for some reason (personal, or to fetch somone), or just grumpy, and needing 5 mins to themselves.

• If there is somone in the chat, but they are not responsive, this may be because they are currently in a game (while playing a game, it is very hard to notice when the chatboccs if flashing, and even harder to respond, without wrecking the game, which is unfair on whoever you are playing with), having trouble with the new interface system (either not used to it, only checking the fc tab evry 10 mins or so, or have accidentally put a filter on), or they may be buisy answering somone else's questions in public chat.

Both of the above points, will mean that there may be a lack of immediate response. Please give it time, and be patient, we really do wish to help you.

We have had many people, over the time running the chat, and even more so, in the short Months since we have had forum presence, who merely come in, ask a question, and leave before we have a chance to answer (sometimes even when we have been waiting, and responded within 3 seconds, which is hilarious, really..

If we are in, we will notice eventually, so please bear with us :p

• If somone is merely saying numbers, this is not a direction for you to try worlds of the same numbers, they are most likely just saying the score of that round, either to keep track, without spamming other chats needlessly, or because somone in the chat has asked; if a world is being suggested, then whoever is saying it will probably make that fairly clear :p

• All languages are welcome, so don't be put off !

• '07 Scape' is just support for 07 :p we GOP !

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Last few hours of Gopping left before it becomes nigh unplayable.

We'll just have to hope they will leave us some options to play in safe mode, without all the changes, and will eventually let the action bar and chat boccs be closable, once the NIS is introduced.

Either way, the chat will remain open and opperating, as ever.

EDIT: Points continued

• The chat is run by volunteers from the GOP community, so they are all very experienced players, and know how to help out, what the best ways of playing are, for individual styles and game types, and know where to go to contact other Goppers, if more are needed.

• Games can be done in P2P, if necessary, but that is not likley, given that the only thing necessitating this, is the daily challenge, and that is the least common of the reasons we get for visits. Nonetheless, we would be happy to help out !

• You don't have to be new to GOP to come in the chat, evryone is welcome. If you want to help out, then all the better :p !

The ranking system is just there so that people can see who to ask for help, though a lot of people who aren't ranked will help too !
Don't ignore somone just because they don't have a rank, as the system is very time lagged, due to the owner of the acc being a very infrequent player.

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Yes, we had always rellied upong just responding to any and every post that came on the forums, about GOP; but decided recently that this may work better if supplimented with such a thread; especially as some were getting hidden, due to them being mistaken for 5050 advertising which we do not do.

Our approach to GOP is very much not about tokens, we see it as an art, and a joy; if our teaching alllows you to go on to make tokens at a much faster rate, then all the better for you, though our aim is to make you learn to enjoy GOP so much, than you end up just playing it for fun, all the time, and then you will accumilate tokens so quickly that you will not know what to do with them and end up just piling them in their millions ! :p

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