"Vanishing" D&D's? a problem

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The first time it happens was two days ago, when i found by chance and started to work on an evil yew tree - suddenly it dropped from around 90% health left to dead, causing me to miss a tone of exp and most of the reward (i was alone on the tree).
I thought it might been that i came too late and a new evil tree spawned, causing the exisiting one to die - so i left it without further remark.

But just now it happened again - this time with a shooting star. I used my telescope to find a lv3 shotting star near Varrok, knowing well it just spawned. Started to work on it... gathered around 160 dust, and I hear a "Boom" and the star just vanished, taking my invested time and my hope for some mining exp with it.

Did it happened to anyone else? Is this a bug, or a new method to nerf exp of certain D&D's when a lone player works on them in an un-populated world? (in both case, I was working alone on the tree/star.

Right now, I'm more then a bit frustrated, and want to know if its a well known bug / why it happens.


21-May-2018 18:08:10

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