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Salve eel

Salve eel

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1. What is your current RSN? (Please also include your past 3 RSN's) Salve eel

2. From a range of 0-10, what would you rate your experience in PvP? I run a cw afk fc 'Cwar United' but have had some pvp training plus anti-crashing so I would say a 5.

3. Depending on your combat style preference (please refer to the gear requirements if unsure) what gear should you be bringing to waves with us? polypore, grifolic and gano

4. Why do you want to do warbands with us? (XP, PKing, Community) XP and friends

5. Have you ever done warbands before with another FC, and if so, which ones? Yes years ago idk what fc.

6. Did anyone recommend you to this FC, and/or do you know anyone from this FC? If so, who? Loki/minigames, Abdieso, basicly the whole minigames squadfam

7. FC members are not permitted to leave the wave unless the host calls "Wave over". Is this understood? Yes

8. Answering this question gives us the confirmation that you have read the rules and understood that breaking any of them could result in a removal from the FC (therefore giving us consent that if you have broken our rules, you agree to being possibly removed from the FC or punished accordingly). What will happen if you break the rules or do not follow the gear requirements? I will be removed/punished.

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