LOW NightmareZone Points(bug?)

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Eat My Acid

Eat My Acid

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I have done NMZ for awhile. Imbued Slayer helm, berserker rings, archer rings, etc.
Without completion of dream mentor, I use to receive about 400k reward points per hour, in the hard custom rumble. After completing dream mentor, I went back to NMZ, enabling DM bosses thinking I'm going to get way more points. For some reason, I am receiving an unsually low amount of NMZ points. I have 206 quest points. I disabled only DT bosses, RFD bosses, and a couple other bosses. I use dharok method. I am getting something like 6k from Inadequacy(DM) and something like 600 points from black demon. Is this a bug?

30-Dec-2018 19:16:36

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You're probably better off posting in the Old School forums here.

If you do think it's a bug, then report the bug in-game.
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30-Dec-2018 20:44:01

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