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Redrus Fjorn
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Redrus Fjorn

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Bloodreign Aftermath is a corp aimed at friendly endgame pvm.

The requirements for application are as follows:

90+ Combat
1250+ Skillpoint Total
18+ Years of Age

As time goes on our requirements may change. As of now we are a small group of friends looking to expand our circle with like minded individuals who have a common goal. If you are interested in joining contact Redrus Fjorn or Trance King in-game after applying here with the following:

1. Combat level
2. Total level
3. Do you have a firecape? y/n (not a requirement)
4. Have you completed, or started Recipe for Disaster? y/n (not a requirement)
5. What are your goals in oldschool?
6. What timezone are you playing in?

10-Feb-2019 19:27:20

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